Dirt 3 Spins Us Right Round Baby

You know, for all the Gran Turismos and Forzas and Need For Speeds of the past couple of years, my favourite racing game over that time has actually been Dirt 2. So, yeah, Dirt 3 is of interest.

OK, it's eXtrEme sPOrts angle can get a little tiresome at times, but few racing games look as good as Dirt 2, even fewer are as fun or as raw to drive, and none sound as good. Seriously, if you have a surround system, you owe it to yourself to play Dirt 2, where you'll swear you can hear each individual piece of dirt pinging off your car door.

Dirt 3 will be focusing a little less on the strange street races of the second game and a little more on "traditional" dirt rallies. Which you wouldn't get from this trailer, as a car skids under trucks and around flagpoles all in the name of hoots and hollers.

It'll be out next year on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


    I can't wait for this game - but only because they decided to put more point to point rally stages in!

    They should have just used the footage of one of Ken Block's training sessions rather than animate one.

    They should of used a good rally driver instead of Ken Block

    Wow, i really thought Dirt 2 was a horrible game. Like MTV in game form. Those annoying 'extreme sports stars' inanly commenting on my performance and the most arcady rally game i've ever played.
    'Experience is the name we give to our mistake' i.e, buying dirt 2

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