Disgraced By Sex Scandal, Now Endorsing Game Convention

If you type "Edison Chen" into Google Image search, you'll probably see him singing, dancing and screwing. Lots of screwing.

The Canadian-born Chen debuted in the Japanese gangster film Dead or Alive 2: Birds, directed by Takashi Miike. Besides appearances in Infernal Affairs (remade as The Departed) and the big screen version of Initial D, Chen released hip-hop albums in Hong Kong and co-founded clothing brand CLOT. Even with that impressive resume, that's not how many know him.

In 2008, Chen sent his Mac computer in for repairs, and over 1300 private photos were copied by the shop, with photos of Chen having sex with several well-known Chinese celebrities - like Bobo Chan, Cecilia Cheun and Gillian Chung - leaking online. The fallout caused serious embarrassment for the women and Chen, and the ordeal was covered by the international press.

Chen released a video apologising for what happened. He was dropped by sponsors like Pepsi, Levis and Samsung and left the entertainment industry that year, planning to depart "indefinitely".

This year, Chen returned. He is working on new music and back to making endorsements. But among his first endorsements isn't a new camera or a pair of jeans, but a video game convention. Chen is the face of the Asia Game Show, which runs later this month in Hong Kong.

Previously, Chen was involved with the 2005 Asia Game Show.

Besides appearing in promotional material for the show, Chen will be performing, covering Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror". The song sums up Chen's experiences during the past two years, unlike "Man in Front of the Mirror with a Digital Camera", which sums up the years before.

陳冠希愛留家打機 [singpao via 178.com][Pic]


    It is so screwed up that some guy became a public shame and lost everything just because his private life was revealed (not doing anything out of the norm) while the actual wrong-doers (the guys that leaked some poor dude's private life) get no consequences.

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