Do You Merit A Nintendo Seal Of Quality?

During the the 1980s and 1990s, Nintendo had its own Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval called the Nintendo Seal of Quality. If a game bared this seal, Nintendo totally approved.

Nintendo was strict about which games got the seal, which made the library of games all that much stronger. The Kyoto-based game company even sent out stickers (pictured) to retailer during the Seal of Quality's heyday.

In 2003, Nintendo changed its seal to simply the "Official Nintendo Seal". How lame. That seal is dead to me. It doesn't carry the air of Nintendo quality and opened the shovelware floodgates. The old seal? It still beats on.

Intellivision samples and Alan Wake Xbox 360 sealo – Rare Video Games Auctions, Sales & Pricing [GameSniped via Tiny Cartridge]


    Actually, it seems that only in America it has become the "Official Nintendo Seal". In Japan and Europe/Australia, they still seem to use the old one.

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