Dodgy Game Attracts Girls With Dodgy Moustaches

Hunter Blade might draw a little too heavily from Monster Hunter, but that's not stopping the game from gathering a following in China. Or stopping it from an international release, even.

What's intellectual property? This game might be fun!

The game's developer is pushing for Hunter Blade to launch in Southeast Asia. Apparently, there are plans to eventually release the game in other regions.

Popular online personality Xiaomidou is enjoying the game's online closed beta, which kicked off on November 16, and reached level 32 in Hunter Blade. She doesn't usually have a moustache.

See? No moustache. And nice iPhone.

Xiaomidou made quite a splash at this year's Chinajoy gaming expo as a booth companion. It's possible she's involved in the game's promotion as she's uploading skimpy pics of herself on her blog with Hunter Blade logos. Or maybe she's just a fan.

Famous ChinaJoy Showgril Loves to Play Hunter Blade, Game to Launch in Southeast Asia [ChinaGame][Pic]


    I've seen the game footage. It's like they directly copied the monster hunter assets.

    The animations for the blangonga(?) ripoff look like it was lifted directly out of monster hunter!!

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