Dragon Age II On PC Doesn't Look THAT Different

When it was first shown off, BioWare's Dragon Age II seemed very different to the first game. I don't know, this combat trailer for the PC version of the game looks pretty similar to Dragon Age to me.

I mean, you pause the game, there's a ton of commands, there's all kinds of words and terms only a Dragon Age or RPG player would understand, then you unpause and it all just happens. Just like the first game.

I get the impression people were afraid this would somehow become Mass Effect with swords. That's clearly - at least for PC players - not the case.


    They still need to bring back the top down tactical view though, placing any AOE abilities is going to be a nightmare otherwise.

      I play on xbox...It's not so hard, just spin the camera around. Takes a few more seconds, but I'll live.

    I remember playing through half of Baldur's Gate before realising that I could pause to issue commands. lol what a noob.

    The combat does look more... dynamic, I guess is the word. Very flashy and fast-paced. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    An earlier article said Bioware wanted to make sure that "something awesome" happened with every button pressed, I guess this shows through the more rapid combat.

    Obviously, if something awesome happened with every button press, would that really be awesome? The jump-from-half-the-screen-away and flashy kicks are worrying, this character is a rogue! I thought they were supposed to be all stealth and backstabbing?

    Looks more like dynasty warriors now so thats a downside, that and it seemed the mage wasnt doing any damage to her own team which sucks because in the original there was an actual choice if i wanted to use a high level ability because i had to consider positioning, the chars i had in range of it and the like.

    I think what Bioware were trying to address was the issue with the rather noticable delay in a response to orders.

    For example, I would order my tank to Shield Bash an opponent. My PC would proceed to shuffle up to the enemy and get into position to knock them off their feet, when in fact, that action needed to happen a few seconds ago, when the enemy was a priority threat.

    In this regard, I feel that the increased responsivness would be a great improvement upon DA:O.

    Still don't like it.....Will not buy it. I am just going to assume this game is a just a spin off and Ill wait for DAO2......

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