Dreaming Of A Zombies Ate My Neighbors Remake

Last year, for a class assignment, artist Rustam Hasanov decided to draw up some concept pieces for a dream project of his: a modern-day remake of classic 16-bit title Zombies Ate My Neighbours. If only it wasn't a dream.

This fantasy project imagined that the original games two stars, Zeke and Julie, have now grown up, and are still battling the zombie hordes in what looks like a futuristic, potentially post-apocalyptic wasteland.

You can see more of the artwork at Hasanonv's personal site below.

Zombies Ate my Neighbors Concept Enviornments (and the best way of getting to them) [Rustam via Super Punch]


    One of my favorites! actually managed to clock this one in the day since my sis and I were such fanatics. It was also just called Zombies for PAL.

    Oooh I Loved this game!!

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