Dress Like A Yakuza For Only $900!

Dress Like A Yakuza For Only $900!

Ever wonder why thugs turn to a life of crime? Maybe it’s because their threads cost so damn much.

This outfit, based on the tracksuit protagonist Tatsuya Ukyo in PSP game Yakuza: New Chapter Black Panther and its spin-off television drama.

The outfit is from Japanese designer DressCamp and will set you back ¥42,000 ($500) for the top and ¥35,000 ($420) for the pants. That's a grand total of over $900!

The outfit will be available at DressCamp's Tokyo and Osaka branches FOR OVER NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS. This isn't cosplay, this isn't fashion, this is madness.

『クロヒョウ』ジャージ発売 上下セットで約8万円 [Kotaku Japan]


  • No, this is Sparta. ;P

    Not really that expensive when you consider high-end women’s clothes. Especially seeing as this looks to be a jacket and pants – two items which should last a long time if they’re made well, and you look after them.

    If you really, really liked the game and the style, I’m thinking $500 might be worth it for the jacket. Maybe. 🙂

  • And you realise why the Yakuza in this game are so laughable. They’re a bunch of skinny kids trying to look tough in their $900 costumes.

    “You wanna foight? Just don’t touch the jacket. Or the pants. And try not to pull any threads”

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