Dungeon Hunter 2 Scratches Your Diablo Itch

Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 2 brings more of what made the original Diablo-clone so much fun to play with the addition of online multiplayer and plenty more dungeons to crawl.

I've only just started playing Dungeon Hunter 2, but it already looks like the two things I liked least about the original have returned: The generic graphics and plot. But despite that I can't help but touching my way through the absurdly huge game looking for loot and levelling up my character.

This time the game has three character classes, each with two specialisations, a much bigger world and the ability to play online with a friend.


    I've been playing through it, and I agree with the article in terms of the plot and the graphics.

    The collision detection is pretty annoying at times, and getting stuck trying to destroy barrels has almost broken my iPhone.

    Little tip, which is also an annoyance, don't bother wasting stat points on anything other than your primary stat, it is pointless.

    So this is on the iPhone only? Might want to mention that somewhere in the title/body...

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