EA Sports MMA Sequel A Matter Of When, Not If, Says Producer

EA Sports MMA's initial sales were low enough to get a fatalistic poor-mouthing from industry analysts, but the company is committed to a sequel. A producer has confirmed an EA Sports MMA 2 is coming.

"There is definitely going to be an EA Sports MMA 2," EA Sports' Jeff Ecker said in a podcast with Figure Four Daily, a wrestling and MMA enthusiast site. Ecker added that it's not question of if, but when; the original plan was for the game to alternate years with the Fight Night franchise, which has Fight Night Champion due in 2011.

UFC Undisputed released in 2009 and earlier this year, before moving to a two-year cycle, putting it out in 2012. EA Sports either has to alter its every-other-year iteration with Fight Night, one of its top performers, or go head-to-head with a product carrying MMA's establishment branding and most recognisable fighters. I'd still expect it to do the latter rather than push the game to 2013.

The podcast is available here.

EA Sports MMA Producer Confirms EA Sports MMA 2 In Radio Interview [CrunchGear via Pasta Padre]


    The game was horrible.

    EA are facing a massive up hill battle in the MMA sports world, even if they create the best game out there (which they haven't IMO) they don't have the UFC branding, something that cannot be underestimated.

    The man on the street is more likely to know what UFC is than what MMA is and UFC easily has the most well known and loved fighters on the planet.

    With UFC recently locking in with THQ for a stack of years EA is going to have to bank on massive growth from Strikeforce (the other main MMA promotion out there) or hope UFC and THQ have a split.

    Bahahahah I called this so long ago, I knew EA would be milking this cash cow. Now way am I touching this game again.

    I've only just recently finished it, and I'm returning it today to get my money back. It really was just a cheap imitation of Undisputed. I'm no fanboy, I love MMA in every form, and really tried to enjoy the game, but it really is just a pathetic attempt at a game that has already been perfected.

    That being said, I did like the idea of the online (of course I couldn't actually play due to the lag) side of the game. The commentary (real life) of the big fights was a brilliant idea, its just a pity that no one is actually playing the game.

    Good news. EA MMA is simply a better game than either of the Undisputeds. The UFC games are too mashy and too limited on the ground. It was like playing rock'em sock'em robots.

    Hopefully they get some more org's on board next time such as Bellator, Tachi Palace, Sengoku or Deep.

    EA mma is for kids i am even sad that i went out and rented the thing after the demo told me not to go hear it.

    Guarantee there going to bin the game they have now and start a completely new one which should take a few years, i just hope they let randy couture go so he can be in UFC game

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