Woman Strangles Toddler, Leaves Body On Floor For 3 Days

Here's a story full of holiday cheer: A Korean woman, who'd just finished a four-hour social gaming session when her three-year-old urinated on the floor, strangled the toddler and left his body to decompose in the home for three days.

How many of these kinds of stories are we up to for 2010? There are at least these two, but I feel like I've read at least a dozen.

In this one, the 27-year-old mother is said to have been tending virtual pets and cards in a four-hour gaming session when the toddler began crying and urinated on the floor. That provoked the beating and the strangulation; the body was left in the home for three days, and it was found by her horrified in-laws.

The woman has another child, who is one; their home in Cheonan, about 80km south of Seoul, was described by neighbours as a trash dump, where her two children were left crying for hours. The woman would regularly clock 10 hours at the computer playing these games. In this instance, a police investigator said she told cops she'd finished four hours at the computer, was going to take some rest from her virtual activities, and became enraged by her toddler's disturbance.

Nothing else to say except it's a sad and appalling story. Merry Christmas.

Internet Addict 'Strangled Her 3-Year-Old Son After Length Gaming Session and Left Him Rotting for Three Days' [The Daily Mail]


    The fact that she was gaming is so relevant. It's like super relevant. Brb gonna strangle a toddler.

      I know right. I dunno why Kotaku posts stuff like this. Probably makes them feel more like 'real journalists'.

      I come here for video game news, not tabloid filth

    Seriously though I have lost my mum to social gaming. I cant even talk to her anymore without have to hear about her farm and her cafe and all the other facebook thing she does. IF it keeps up I'm going to get my laundry done someplace else!!

      +1 to you!

    What a ho-ho-ho!

    Merry Christmas Owen, way to destroy the cheer. . .

    Some people just shouldn't have kids..

    'That provoked the beating and the strangulation' Yes, and what a resonable thing to happen that was.

    Facebook games have done it again:/ what really annoys me though is why? Why did she have to strangle her child? If I did something wrong when I was a child I got smacked on the arse for discipline, not strangled and beaten:/

      Some people just aren't right in the head.

      Yeah, but that's only because Facebook wasnt out back then!

    can you please stop putting these stories up, i come here for gaming news, not to get depressed haha.

    I don't think these should be on this site. Half of them are about casual facebook kind of things. The rest, well we all know it's usually nothing to do with the games. It's just kind of a downer to wake up and see this.

    Obviously the problem is children. Korea should ban all procreation from now on.

    Facebook games are a deep, deep hole. I once fell in and then realising real games are much, much better.

    This woman's obviously a lunatic. And must have been an OCD hoarder or something even before games. Combine someone with this personality type to addictive games and I'm not surprised shit like this happens.

    What a horrible story.

    This is just another example of internet/gaming addiction. A very sad and unfortunate one at that but never the less another example.


    Sounds like a serious mental health disorder, if you're neglecting your kid for the financially less-dangerous equivalent of slot machines. Truly saddening, best wishes to those affected...

    Poor child. I think she would've killed the poor thing regardless of whether or not she was addicted to games. She would've just had a different addiction to get in the way of being a halfway decent parent. I hope the other child is taken from her and given to a good family, but the reality of that happening (a happy life for the surviving child) is probably very slim...

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