End Of The Line For Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC

End Of The Line For Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC

Originally slated for removal a year ago, Activision postponed the takedown of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2’s Character & Sim Mission Pack when the community threw a fit. Now it’s serious; the DLC’s getting yanked at the end of the year.

Activision social media manager tweeted the news that it’s gone once the Big Ball drops at midnight on New Year’s Day. “For my sake if not for your own, do not delay, dammit,” read his tongue-in-cheek tweet.

The DLC offers five characters and more achievements. The Character & Sim Mission Pack is $US10 or 800 Microsoft Points

Last call for Marvel Ultimate Alliance DLC [Eurogamer]


  • They could have at least brought the price down, or made it free if its going by the end of the year. This is also a prime example of the bad thing about digital downloads. you can’t expect it to last forever even though you payed money for it.

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