End Of The Road For Ender's Game... Game

In 2008, Shadow Complex developers Chair revealed they were working on an Ender's Game title. People got upset. It's OK, people. Relax. The game's been canned.

While Chair acknowledges that there were some cool concepts in mind for how to adapt the science-fiction novel, the studio's purchase by Gears of War developers Epic - who have a drive to create original IP - put an end to their efforts at making a game based on somebody else's property.

No great loss for people who had never heard of Ender's Game, then, and for fans of the book - like fans of anything being adapted into something else, were wary - its probably for the best.

Ender's Game tabled by Chair [Joystiq]


    Yeah cause epic's games are always highly original... But thank god this is not a novel you can turn into a game.

    I think this is a bit of a shame, really.
    The game could have gotten today's generation to read this masterpiece.

    I thought this was going to be something to do with his anti-gay comments

      One can appreciate the book without liking its author.

        Actually, from the rage I saw when this was announced, most people can't. His comments apparently bent space-time and made everything he'd ever done retroactively awful...

          That's unfortunate. I thought Ender's Game was a masterpiece, and I loved its sequels. Finding out that Orson Scott Card was a fundamentalist homophobe didn't change my opinion of his books, just him.

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