Ending Leaked For StarCraft II's Next Chapter

This clip, purportedly of the ending for "Heart of the Swarm," the under-development second chapter of StarCraft II, leaked out earlier today. The video's since been taken down. We're not sure if it's legitimate, but spoiler alert, just in case.

The clip merges in storyboards and has no lip-synching to the dialogue, indicating it's something in the early stages of production. But the voice acting is a close match to what we've heard already in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, and the fact this disappeared from both YouTube and Vimeo on copyright claims lends credence to it. That said, Heart of the Swarm has no release date set, and even if this is authentic, you just can't tell if what you see here is in fact how the story will play out in the final product.

We've emailed Blizzard for comment; any made will go here.

[thanks to SpacePope for the tip and the video]


    Yupp. That makes no sense. I don't see it fitting in before OR after SCII:WOL...

    I mean, It can't be before... she just killed Mengsk.

    It can't be after, she's still corrupted (or whatever they call her alien form)... unless she gets RE-corrupted...

    It's all too confusing, but I do believe it is the real thing.

      one does note she has a normal human esque voice and some have suggested that the fact that her hair was still zerglike, was more of an indication that the zerg side of her personality(ie destroy kill :P) was destroyed after she still would need to seem like the queen of blades to work with the zerg.

      the only thing is it doesn't seem like it would tie in with the protoss expansion at all

      I think this ending is entirely plausible. After all, she still had physical zerg elements at the end of WoL, plus these are just storyboard elements, the design may still change.

      The idea of a redeemed Kerrigan fits in very well with the rest of Blizzard's line up of: Rival factions (Alliance/Horde, Terran/Protoss) > Join forces against a common enemy (Zerg Overmind/Burning Legion) > The 'evil' faction redeems themselves (Tassadar/Thrall/Sylvanas).

      I was fully expecting Mengsk to be killed in WoL, looks like he has it coming anyway. Plus, with the Zerg now freed, you can bet they'd come back in Legacy of the Void to help what's left of the Dominion/Protoss fight against the Reapers, oh I'm sorry, Xel'Naga/Hybrids.

    Previs my arse, this is ready to go! The explosion effects... just, wow!

    No I have to say, as someone who doesn't actually play RTS' and will most likely not get to play SC2, and therefore not concerned with spoilers, it's interesting just get a peek at this development stuff from Blizzard's awesome FMV's.

    Is that the theme music from Transformers?

      Ye I think it is, it's a nice match though

    id say its legit, but they are likely several scenes set out for this.

      this video is being pulled on all video sharing sites. so quickly watch it and kotaku get ready for that email

    The dialouge was terrible, Hopefully it was just temp.

    Anyone consider this could've been 'leaked' to throw us off the scent of the real ending?

      seems the logical way to conclude the second chapter. since this stuff doesn't really concern the protoss, since there probably busier dealing with the protoss/zerg morphs

    im gonna give this a bigggg maybeee

    id say it fits with a basic plot for a zerg campaign much like the need to always have a litch king i can see kerrigan needing to re-take her mantle as the queen of blades to keep the zerg under control. and then using them to deal with mengsk.

    BUT at blizzcon blizzard discussed how they had barely started work on HOTS so i cant see development of their closing cinematics being done so early in development.


    Ok lets start off with what we know Chris Metzen (the "lore creator" in basically every Blizzard game to date) has done.



    - Humans are good.

    - Orcs are evil.



    - "Biggest threat" faction (Burning Leigon) introduced and creates "Big threat" Faction (Scourge), combined, become new protagonists of series.

    - Orcs no longer "evil" ("Redeemed by Thrall"), become "neutral evil" faction.

    - New "old" faction also introduced (Night Elves).


    WC3 TFT:

    - "Big threat" faction champion (Arthas) splits "big threat" (Scourge) faction from "biggest threat" faction. Becomes new "Overlord"

    - Rogue Female Hero (Sylvanas) splits a smaller faction of Zer...I mean Scourge from "big threat" faction, new "neutral evil" (Forsaken) faction created.

    - "Biggest threat" faction (Burning Legion) and "Big threat" faction (Scourge) become new protagonists of series.



    - "Biggest threat" faction attacks through proxies (Illidan, Burning Crusade)

    - "Big threat" faction (Scourge) attacks (The Wrath of the Lich King). "Overlord" (Arthas) dies but is replaced by new "Overlord" (Bolvar) . "Big threat" remains perpetually due to nature of race.


    So what have we seen so far in Starcraft?[/b]



    - Terran/Protoss good.

    - Zerg evil.


    SC1 BW:

    - Rogue Female Hero takes control of Zerg, becomes "Big threat" faction.

    - New "old" faction (Xel'Naga introduced), becomes the new "biggest threat" faction.


    SC2 WOL (Wings of Liberty):

    - Rogue Female Hero is "redeemed".


    So what are we likely to see then?


    SC2 HOS (Heart of the Swarm, the next expansion):

    - "Biggest threat" faction (Xel'Naga) creates "Big threat" Faction (Hybrids), combined, become new protagonists of series. (This has been hinted at already, but hasnt really seen fruition in SC2 WOL)

    - Faction champion (????) of Zerg will become new Zerg overmind and create neutral "big threat" faction. Becomes new "Overlord".

    - Rogue Female Hero will splinter off a smaller faction of Scour...I mean Zerg from "Big threat" faction. Creates new "neutral evil" faction (Outcasts?)


    SC2 HOS onwards:[/b]

    - "Biggest threat" faction (Xel'Naga) attacks through proxies (?????)

    - "Big threat" faction (Zerg) attacks (? Legacy of the Void maybe?). "Overlord" (????) dies but is replaced by new "Overlord" (???) . "Big threat" faction remains perpetually due to nature of race.


    It may seem like big broad generalisations, an oversimplification if you will. But you have to admit that there does seem to be a pattern in the storylines of both Starcraft and Warcraft.

    Even if all I've said and done past SC2 WOL turns out to be completely different, it won't really be "different" in the truer sense that it will still have very similar plot devices. And both storylines from Starcraft and Warcraft have very, very similar plot devices, if not exactly the same.


    - Redeemed evil (Thrall and Orcs, now Kerrigan)

    - Intangible, and huge threat that affects everyone (Burning Crusade, Xel'Naga).

    - Ancient and very powerful sentient creatures creates very powerful sentient beings then inevitablly creates uncontrollable chaotic being(s) that send them into exile (The Titans and Night Elves/Sargeras/Burning Crusade, Xel'Naga and Protoss/Zerg)

    The list goes on....

      Its pretty obvious metzen is a very untalented writer who makes up for it by simply writing a lot rather than writing well, ive seen photos of him and those alone show him to be the biggest neckbeard who ever graced a metalica embossed typewriter.

      Also for those pointing out she has her human voice more than likely if this is authentic it would be because they havent put it through the mixer yet to make it her zerg one where i think they add an echo whisper to it.

      And as for the terrible dialouge well that would be par for the course.

    shes a clone

    In all honesty I thought she was going to say "THIS IS SPARTA!" Then kick him out a window.

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