Epic Mickey's Designer Addresses Kloodgy Camera Complaints

A common criticism of Disney's Epic Mickey (made by Totilo in his review, too) concerns the game's flawed camera view. Warren Spector, the game's designer, says the problem is the game bridges two styles that use fairly standard angles.

"We did the best we could given that we were not trying to make a platform game or an action-adventure game, but a game where you get to decide what the game felt like moment to moment," Spector told MTV's Clutch blog. "If reviewers want to give us a hard time about it because they're misunderstanding the game we made, it's not for me to tell them that they're wrong, absolutely not. But I wish people would get it out of their head that we made a 'Mario' competitor, because we didn't."

That certainly smacks of blaming the audience, which never goes over well. Even to give Spector the benefit of the doubt, that his team tried to do something completely different that tested a design boundary, it would seem we're still dealing with a problem of clearly seeing the action. Which is rather important to a video game, whether it's following a well defined genre or a hybrid of of two of them.

Epic Mickey' Creator Responds To The Angry Internets [MTV's Clutch Blog]


    It's not for you to tell them they're wrong, but it is for you to say they're misunderstanding it? Not much to misunderstand Wozza, dodgy camera = not fun. -10 respect for Mr Spector.

    Kloodgy is a great word.
    Also, devs are allowed to be upset that the game they worked hard to make and maybe put a bit of their heart and soul into is misunderstood.
    Haven't played Epic Mickey yet though so I don't know how bad this supposed camera issue is.

    tsk tsk mr spector. a controllable camera would have let us decide how it felt that much more. must have run out of time to remedy it.

    The camera *is* annoying in a few places, but generally I've found it not as infuriating as the reviewers are making it out to be.

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