ESRB Lists Xenogears, Three Other PS1 Classics

Four classic titles from Squaresoft (now Square Enix) have been rated by the ESRB for release on the PSP and PS3, indicating an imminent release to the North American PlayStation Store.

Xenogears, plus Legend of Mana and Vagrant Story all have gotten Teen ratings, while Threads of Fate has been rated Everyone. Sony Computer Entertainment America is listed as the publisher, which almost certainly means these will be PSOne classics released over the PlayStation Store.

Xenogears was part of a PSOne classics release on the Japanese PlayStation Network back in 2008.


    Wow! Cool news... but I wonder whether it will destroy the PSOne eBay market...

    We'll never see one of 'em here.
    It's like dangling a sausage in front of a dog with it's mouth sewn shut.

      ...just get a American PSN account. I've got one for America, Hong Kong and Japan ;)

      We already have Vagrant Story on the PSN, for a long while now.

      I'm sure i already have Vagrant Story
      Its a puzzle on the controls though....

      Vagrant Story came out in Europe and Aus many months ago...

    Oh awesome. But wait, let me take a stab at Australia's PSN next PSone classic upload... "Bodyboarding"? Or perhaps Windsurfers Paradise? Yeah screw you Australian PSN. Thank god the PS3 allows multiple region accounts. Why the hell do we have Crash Bandicoot 1 and 3 and Syphon Filter 1 and 3 but not the second game in either series?

    Isn't vagrant story already available? Pretty sure its on my ps3...

    I think this is mainly for NA, as we can already get Vagrant Story :/

    Ah, Threads of Fate. Such an underrated game. The other 3 seriously don't need me singing their praises as everyone knows how great they are.

    Those games have never reached our shores before so I would like to see a PAL release!(We already have vagrant story though)

    ...but we still won't be getting it in Australia. Bastards.

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