Fallout Fan Creates A Working New Vegas Platinum Chip

Chewman_BG, a regular over at the Overclockers got a little bit bored after finishing his VCE exams, so he decided to build a working Fallout: New Vegas Platinum Chip - one that works as an actual storage device.

The process was a long and complicated one - and you can read the full story here - but here's a quick overview.

Man designs Platinum Chip.

Man gets to work in a manly way.

Man finishes the outer chip thing.

Man starts building dock.

Man does fancy stuff so stuff works.

Man makes the magic happen.

Man gets everything working.

Man turns off the light for effect.

We totally recommend heading over to the thread for the full story of how everything was created, since we really suck at explaining all the hard work that went into making this really interesting gadget. Great work Chewman_BG. Keep on Chewin'.

The Diamond Chip: A Working Fallout: New Vegas Platinum Chip Replica [Overclockers]

Thanks to James for the tip!


    Aw...I should have expected to be spoiled by that.

    It looks great but im sure if you got a thinner board whould be even better (when the lights on you can see the square block, a thinner disc shaped one shouldnt show as bad)

    Plastic =/= Platinum

    Now you can take over New Vegas!

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