Fallout MMO Might Need To Duck & Cover

For over a year now, two companies have slugged it out in the courts, battling over the past - and in some cases future - of the Fallout franchise. This month, that battle took a slightly ridiculous turn.

Bethesda — who published both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, and who also own the rights to the franchise — claims that Interplay, the former owners of the brand, are violating all kinds of agreements with their development of a Fallout massively-multiplayer game.

Specifically, Bethesda believes that when Interplay was allowed to begin development of the Fallout MMO all the way back in 2007, all it was allowed to use was the name "Fallout" itself. That's it. No character art, no characters, nothing already established as an element of the Fallout universe, because Bethesda owns all that stuff.

A Fallout MMO in name only wouldn't be much of a Fallout MMO at all, would it?

More VaultLeaks: Bethesda claims IPLY could only use the Fallout name [Fallout Wiki]


    As much as I love Bethesda, they really need to just let interplay make their damn game, it's because of them that the Fallout universe ever existed in the first place so they could at least show them a little respect.

      Incorrect. It was because of the fallout team that fallout universe ever existed. And Interplay fired all of them. So no, we don't have to show respect to interplay for making Fallout, because they were dumb enough to get rid of all the people who actually made fallout.

        and im pretty sure a heap of the team that worked on fallout 2 worked on new vegas with yep you guessed it.

      Huh? WTF is with these comments. How about, don't sell your franchise and then you can do whatever you want? All Interplay have done is drum up free interest and hype for their game, trying to weasel their way to success and you're all lapping it up like they're heroes.

      Not when there's money to be made, what with MMOs being all the rage these days ("they're so HOT right now!")

      Bethesda are behaving like spoiled brats and bullies, screaming "gimme gimme!" at Interplay, trying to pick up every scrap they can. But that's corporate greed for you. :(

      I know that Bethesda are a big company, and it's not the developers / publishers who are responsible for this litigation, but I'm really starting to lose respect for them. And I'm sure I'm not alone either.

      When did video games become so political? :)

    sure fallout had fans before FO3 came around but FO3 is what introduced it to the masses and really took things to the next level.

    so really, bethesda are the ones who made it into what it CURRENTLY is. so they have the right.

    then again, i still think they should just work together on it and make a bloody mmo. but i cant see that happening, probably some sour grapes that used to work for interplay are now at bethesda.

    why dont bethesda let interplay make their game, but once it goes on sale, recieve x% of the profits?

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