Fallout: New Vegas Might Be Fixed Real Soon!

After over a month of various technical woes, particularly on the PC version of the game, it seems as though Fallout: New Vegas may actually be fixed soon. Maybe.

Publishers Bethesda have hit the game's support page to let gamers know that a cross-platform patch for all three versions of the game - believed to be the "comprehensive update" developers Obsidian have been working on since the game's release - has been submitted for approval, meaning it should be with us soon.

Let's hope so! A lot of people will be getting the ambitious post-apocalyptic role-playing game for Christmas, and I'd hate to see a smile turn upside down on December 25 should a game hit some weird bug that brings everything to a halt.



    What? You mean no more dropped frames, detached eyeball meshes and hilarious physics glitches? Just when I was getting into it too.

    WooHoo, im hoping to get this for xmas, so hopefully that reigns true.

    Wouldn't count on it. Rely on the fans to patch the bugs Bethesda leave in. Just like Fallout 3. And Oblivion. And Morrowind.

    The companion bugs are the worst. Veronica won't speak to her elders and Rex absconded with my rightfully stolen Van Graff shop inventory.

      He may have gone back to the King, he does that. Quest bugs were the worst, at least if you played it on PC you could work around them. No such luck for the poor sods who have it on console.

      The save game bugs are the worst, I haven't been able to load by games in weeks.

    To late, already finished it! Now if they release DLC for the PC and removed the end-game hard ending then I might be interested.

    Aww...i was getting used to having to wear my cowboy hat to get into the strip without the game crashing.

    What about the patch that was coming in 'a couple of weeks' about a month ago? Has it come yet, or is this the same one? Because I haven't noticed any patch or any less bugs yet.

    Thats the wonder of PC gaming, I had 2-3 crash to desktops in over 150 hours of play and that was the extent of my bugs

    I did have a few other problems here and there but they were all because of the shitty gamebryo engine that REALLY needs to be put down (after all, game engine years are even shorter than dog years)

      I completely agree. I think I had only 1 crash to desktop the entire time I played this game (some 70 hours or so). It was my understanding that the PC version was superior to the console versions (at least that's what I remembered GAMESPOT and a few other sites saying), so I don't understand why this article said:

      "After over a month of various technical woes, particularly on the PC version of the game."

      On final episode of GOOD GAME, Bajo was saying how much he liked NEW VEGAS, but it was a pity that he had so many issues with the XBOX 360 version that he was playing. He should have stuck with the PC.

      There are universal bugs, not just small things. For example Veronica is screwed up for quite alot of people, the Vault Trinket you should get from saving the people from the Ghoul Vault doesn't give you anything.

    finished it already. will wait until all the DLC comes out before trying it again.

    the game was all a bit 'meh'. No Fallout 3, by far - New Vegas did not pull me into the story, and the world, anywhere near as much as F3 did (or Mass Effect, or Assassin's Creed).

    the worst glitches that happened to me are cass dissapeared, yet other NPC's acted like she was there, meaning i couldnt get rid of her to get boone.

    But the gitch that took the cake was one that meant it couldnt save the game, not even a auto save so i couldnt respawn at all. talk about game breaking. might wait till 1st xbox DLC comes then ill buy it again, since i took it back cause it was obvioulsy rooted.

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