Fight Night's Card Carries Real Champions, Too

Though the star of its cover, and of the darker, rawer story told through its singleplayer mode, is fictitious boxer Andre Bishop, Fight Night Champion will still deliver real-life boxing legends in their prime, as fans expect of the series.

Four new screens went out today over the game's Facebook page. All of these boxers were featured in 2009's Fight Night Round 4.

Fight Night Champion is due for release March 1.

Miguel Cotto slams a left into Ricky Hatton's midsection.

Lennox Lewis throws a missile at Eddie Chambers' face.

Manny Pacquiao works the heavy bag.

In a time-travel bout, Sugar Ray Robinson crashes a left into Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns' jaw.


    I'd love to know if there's an option of making custom boxers.

    I think there will be, but I don't think you can use that boxer in the story mode, which I don't think I would like very much. I just hope they have Rocky Marciano in there to fight as.

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