First Kinect Game For PC Coming From Korea?

While Kinect will inevitably come to PC gaming one day in an official capacity (it's of course already being used by hackers), there have been no games actually revealed making use of the peripheral. Until now!

Korean developer GamePrix reckons its upcoming massively-multiplayer online game Divine Soul "is scheduled to support Kinect, a new control system of Xbox360".

Below is a trailer for the game, which is actually looking pretty impressive. Four seconds in, you'll see the logo of developers Gameprix, which lifts the Xbox 360 logo, tilts it on its side and re-colours it. Hrm.

While there's nothing stopping Gameprix from including Kinect compatability on its own, just for anyone who has the device already running on a PC, we'll check with Microsoft to see if this is being officially supported in any way and will update if we hear back.

Developer Confirms Kinect Is Coming To PC [IncGamers]



    trailer is where?

    Microsoft isn't using the Kinect to its full potential. It's modders and companies like GamePrix that will show us its full potential. I wish them well in their endeavors.

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