First Live Demo Of Uncharted 3 Hits TVs Next Week

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will show off the first live demo of hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception next Monday, December 13, in the US.

Show producer Gavin Purcell tweets that developers Naughty Dog will be on hand to demonstrate the game to show host and gamer Fallon.


    I hardly think it's necessary to go through the formality of actually waiting another year. Let's just award this Game of the Year 2011 now and beat the rush.

      I will agree if only it's a tie for Game of The Year.

      The Last Guardian


        No :P

        I had TLG down as my GOTY for next year but I didn't think we'd see another Uncharted next year.

        Sorry, Fumito - left your run too late :P

          Straying off topic, but..... Portal 2 GOTY '11.

          Or Arkham City! Man, so many awesome games next year...

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