First Look At The New SSX

EA's extreme snowboarding series SSX is back. The next entry is SSX: Deadly Descents and it looks wildly different from any other SSX.

Based on what we can see in this trailer, it looks like the features match up with what we already heard, with avalanches, squirrel suits and helicopter drops playing a big role in how SSX evolves.


    Snowboarding games have been a stale mess of late. Hopefully this can inject some much needed adrenalin into what should be a very exciting and action packed sub-genre.

      No... they are not stale, we haven't had a real SSX game since "On Tour" (I'm not counting Blur on Wii).

      On Tour wasn't that great, but it still had the SSX backbone, the first 3 games were just fantastic, obviously they must have been because the franchise was able to punch out 5 games.

      The franchise is still relevant and doesn't need a reboot, it just needs a proper HD upgrade (hey, HD upgrades of SSX1-3 would be heaven!!!), combine the best of Tricky/SSX3 and it would insanely successful.

      There is no need to make the visuals 'serious' like they have in the trailer.

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