First Uncharted 3 Gameplay Footage Sets A House On Fire

Uncharted 3 made its real public debut tonight, with Late Night TV host Jimmy Fallon getting some actual hands-on time with the game. And it's all a little...awkward.

You can't fault Fallon's passion for video games, but his impromptu questions (and inability to play an Uncharted game) don't work so well with video game developers who are obviously trying to stick stubbornly to a marketing script.

Still, uncomfortable exchanges aside, there is indeed a few minutes of gameplay footage from Uncharted 3 to be had here, so enjoy!


    The funny thing was little bit before he played it, he mentioned his he was playing UC2 and his wife asked about it.

    Doesnt look like he played an uncharted game at all.

      To be fair, after going from Uncharted 1 > to Grand Theft Auto 4 > and then to Uncharted 2 - I was pretty shite at the controlls for a while.

      *but yeah i doubt he really plays many games. What 36 year old plays games?

    Jimmy failed pretty badly but that's beside the point, the game looks amazing. Can't wait!

    Jimmy Fallon seems like an OK guy. I've seen some hosts for these kind of shows that verge on being rude and derogatory at the expense of their guests. Jimmy might have been awkward playing the game, but be honest with yourselves - how many times have you played a game, unaware of the controls or the mechanics, and looked like a fumbling idiot while doing it (at least to start with)?

    Man, Jimmy Fallon is the most unfunny person on the face of Earth.

    He really didn't do the fluidity of Drake's movement justice by repeatedly tapping forward. >_>

    This was a good fun preview. If only more developers would go on talk shows rather than the cliche marketing hyped interview. (Ken Levine i'm looking your way).

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