Forbes Predicts The Rise Of Apple And Google Gaming And Decline Of Sony And Microsoft

In light of Forbes amazingly perceptive 2000 piece about the computers of 2010, Forbes' Paul Tassi decided to take a stab at predicting what gaming will be like in a decade.

Some of his ideas seem spot on, others a bit dated, but it's still an interesting read.

The most likely prediction Tassi makes is that by 2020 we won't be using discs anymore, instead games will be purely digital. Along with that will come more draconian anti-piracy measures, he says, and a bigger push for digital game rentals.

He also thinks that both Apple and Google will become bigger players in gaming, something I'm not as convinced about. While Apple has seen its share of success with the iPhone and gaming, I don't think we're going to be seeing any Apple game consoles while Steve Jobs remains in charge of things. Google, on the other hand, seems likely to stay firmly in the web-based, light gaming, in my opinion.

Tassi also thinks that Sony and Microsoft are going to face declines. While it's possible, both companies are seeing enough successes right now in gaming that leaving the field wouldn't make sense.

Tassi thinks 3D will be big by 2020, something he says will be glasses-free. I can buy that, but I'd like to think that the next ten years will give us something beyond the marginal innovation of glasses-free 3D. Tassi says touchable holograms by 2040, I say something hinting at that by 2020.

Mind-controlled games, like what you see above? Never, at least not fun ones.

What are your predictions?

Predicting the Console Generation of 2020 [Forbes]


    Actually you can control any PC game with your mind right now.


    I watched a demo video about neuroheadsets a few months ago. Forgotten the link, but it was pretty awesome.

    "Franchises like Mario, Zelda, Halo, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty will still be running strong in ten years."

    Wasn't Reach the last Halo game? Or at least the last Bungie Halo game, and if anymore come out they'll just be regarded as Knock offs.

    "Because of the digital download, piracy of console games will increase dramatically as well, and companies will have to think of new, and likely more draconian measures to prevent such practices"

    But if it's all Download, how will you get the pirate copy onto the machine? Since it won't use physical media? And simply logging on to X-Box Live will not allow you to play the game, and let's be honest the currant 360 practically needs you to be online at all times. Online is so very intergrated doesn't matter if your on Gold or Silver. Also how much piracy is there for digital download only games right now? A lot of developers are moving away from the PC to avoid Piracy.

    My Predictions;

    - We will still have physical media,
    - Xbox720, Sony PS4 and Wii HD.
    - We will still be using Blu-rays, and Microsoft will use a new version of HD-DVD for storage (Xbox720).
    - Glasses free 3D, but no-one cares.

    And also the "3D Revolution" was in 1995 with the PSone...

      My prediction:

      The next Xbox won't be called Xbox 720.

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