Force Unleashed II Has A Poor Interpretation Of 'Han Shot First'

Lucasarts' Force Unleashed action games always played a little loose with established Star Wars canon, and that's been tolerable, but this? This is not cool.

There are people you can kill in Star Wars retellings. Yoda is fair game. Luke too. Leia, Jar Jar, Mon Mothma, even General Jan Dodonna.

But you do not kill these guys. Ever. Not even for a joke. Not even for a piece of downloadable content for a game that was so awful most people have thankfully already forgotten all about it.


    That makes me want to punch everyone involved with that right in the throat.

    Oh, please! Grow up!! This storyline is not even cannon, so there’s nothing to cry about here. What’s next? Are you going to whine about R.A. Salvatore, a New York Times bestselling author, who actually killed Chewbacca for real?

    What a poor excuse for an article. Complain about the glitchy frame rate or other real issues - don’t start crying for your mummy because they made you kill your favorite character.

      No one is taking this as seriously as you, you treetard.

        Damn right I’m taking this seriously. I’m completely sick of sub-par articles written by fan-boys on a site that prides itself as being a premier source of gaming news. It is just insulting. Which is something you comment is not, Joe Mama, rather just lame (What are you? 12?? ‘Treetard’? Seriously?).

    I think we need to address your stance on the "no killing Jar Jar Binks" issue.

    It's just a game people, seriously grow a pair.

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