From The Mouths Of Babes, Withering Criticism

Tron: Legacy has been, at best, a critical disappointment. At worst, well, "a Dora the Explorer movie would be more interesting." Who said that? The eight-year-old daughter of noted video game academic Ian Bogost.

Bogost, whose "Cow Clicker" Facebook application this year masterfully blended his talent for games criticism and design, today received a four-paragraph review of Tron: Legacy from his daughter, who suggested that it was "appropriate for blogging." She doesn't mince words: "Now if you've already seen the movie and don't agree with me, then you probably have really bad taste."

Slamming it as "worse than Dora," and delivering fatal levels of boredom, Miss Bogost concludes the $US10 ticket would be better spent on the animated Rapunzel biopic Tangled. That's not to say she liked nothing about Tron: Legacy, "The only part I liked was when they played "Separate Ways" by Journey," she said, identifying a song released 19 years before she was born.

"I guess if you like to sit and watch Boom! Boom! Boom! for two hours you can go see it," she writes.

I think we know from which side of the family she got her criticism gene.

Review of Tron Legacy (by my Eight-Year-Old) []


    Wow this kids' only 8 and already as jaded as a thirty year-old game-design drop out *coughgoodjobdadcough*

    I look forward to her scathing remarks on rotten tomatoes 10 years time.

      I think it's more of a case of "8 year old figures out that if she goes against popular opinion she'll get attention"

        Well, imagine if you were raised by the comic book guy from the simpsons.

    I thought Tron Legacy was good
    And come on, to really be that bored by a movie and to be that negative towards it you must have to be a pretty negative person to start with, so I don't think her review would even be worth reading, unless your a Grinch.

    Tron Legacy was fucking awesome, much better than 99% of movies this year. People have NO imagination.

    Retarded kid is retarded. She didn't even see the original movie so she loses whatever rep she may have had.

    I like Tron:L a lot as well as the first one.
    Daft Punk is amazing.

    Haha, awesome (acerbic) review from an 8 year old. Very true.

    So a girl who's barely SEEN a handful of films is fit to be a snarky/bitchy authority on movies?

    Come back to this when you need a sports bra kid.

    Yeah, somehow I don't think I'll base my film preferences on the idiotic ramblings of an 8-year old girl. Tron: Legacy was one of the best movies I've seen in a while - it was unique in concept (much like the original), it used CGI to achieve things which aren't possible in real life (rather than using it as an excuse to not build actual sets), the action sequences were exhilirating and amazing spectacles to watch, I felt for the characters, and it's one of the few films that take a look at how technology could be used to improve our lives.

    ptth who cares what a 8 year old girl thinks about a movie

    When I see a contrary opinion, I often find that asking what the person with said opinion would say they enjoy in comparison. It gives me an insight into the mind that formed these opinions to try and discover how they came to that conclusion. This little girl has already said that she would prefer Dora the Explorer, and therefore we can see how she would have such a silly opinion.

    Of course why she should be allowed to tell everybody on the Internet this, and why are we listening to an 8 year old's opinion is actually the issue of more concern for me.

    haha. well i wudnt critisize it that hard but I reckon Tron legacy was a bit dissapointing.
    The build up was awesome, but then it sorta withered away...

    you could replace the final scene with indiana jones and a fragile wooden bridge and it would just as well.

    For a movie mostly about virtual space, I think it didnt do enough to capitilize on it. It was too much like the real world. My 2 cents.

    Where did all this hate on Tron come from?

    I really enjoyed it. I'm not the greatest film critic but can definitely tell the difference between a bad and good movie.

    The only major gripe I had was the lack of 3dness, in the 3d version. Many occasions I took my glasses off, cause there simply was no 3d to be experienced.

    That 8 year old can say it to my face.

      Haters like to hate. It's not DEEP enough for their pretentious tastes, it doesn't have the we-need-to-go-deeper plot of Inception. Tron Legacy was a triumph for the senses imo.

      Depends, personally I found there to be a hell of a lot. What you saw was a movie where the whole image was in 3D. What you're USED to is movies post converted where individual parts of the image come out of the screen in 3D.

      Trust me, when you see Tron Legacy in 2D versus 3D as I have, on the same day, you NOTICE the difference. Especially on the light-runner going to the beacon and the lightcycle race...

    Owen, you're really scrapping the barrel for something news worthy on NYD, hey? :)

    Why would some preteen's opinion on a cult classic have any relevance to Kotaku's demographic except to generate discussion & please the advertisers? ;)

    Stupid 8 year old turd. Tron Legacy was amazing. I saw it twice at the cinema.

    wow! its like Kick Ass and Hit Girl! only instead of being an awesome homicidal maniac, she's a boring whiny critic...

    "if you don't agree with me, you have bad taste"

    anyway. for me, I didn't find it as "boring" as the first one. so whats not to like?

    could have used more light cycles.

    that is all.

    People, People, PEOPLE! This is an 8 year old kid! Give her a break?!

    I liked Tron but I'll admit it had some boring parts, much like the original did. I still LOVE it for what it is. The Grid is an amazingly thought up place and the soundtrack can't be beat.

    "A critical Disappointment"? C'mon it wasn't at all that bad. I mean maybe the story drooped at times but I for one am fine to ride on it's dazzling visuals and soundtrack

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