Gameloft iPad Competition: Winners Inside!

Last week we ran a competition for an iPad courtesy of Gameloft and N.O.V.A. 2. Congrats to Tony MacArthur and the rest of the runners up!

The winners can be found below.

First place Tony MacArthur Kal is missing... has anyone seen Kal?

Second and Third place Troy Cleary His stance is good, but he needs to adopt a 'power stance' if the universe will take him seriously. He needs a flowing mane of permed blonde hair with purple zebra-print man-tights, matching leg warmers,... a leather jacket and chuck taylors, so you just know he'll kick your ass if you show disrespect. He needs a diamond filled rolex so he knows when it's time to kick it. A pirate monkey side kick. A glass of brandy so you know he's a gentleman and a carrot filled bandolier for when it's 'crunch time'. Then, and only then would he truly be worthy of the name "Kal Warden". Guitar solo!¤t=badass.jpg

David Ferris A Rainforest Alliance Certified Half-Decaf Latte, light on the milk and heavy on the sugar. I MEAN A BEER. A SPACE-BEER.

Runners up Oliver Han-Wei Kal is missing a camera, flash and a USB port @kot_au & @Gameloft_Aus

Braycen Jackwitz :D

Mitchell Lock Kal is missing the same thing I am... An iPad to play N.O.V.A 2 on!! :)

DashBob Kal is missing his handy packet of ArmorAll wipes to give him that lustrous shine

dirkLAYD Kal is missing a nice knitted jumper, it might get a bit chilly fighting those nasty Xenos

Mjellyicus Kal is missing a pink lace g-string. It's a comfort thing....


    *drops to knees*

    LOL jk.
    real close tho.

    I do love Tony's entry, so simple yet effective! Love it :D

    Totally stoked to get the figurine! Plus i don't have an idevice to play the game on if i won that :P LOL

    Well done to everyone - there was some absolute comedy gold in there, but Tony, you really did take the cake with simplicity and wit :)

    Congrats guys - and thanks! :D

    Haha, I didn't get involved in this one, but those are pretty awesome entries. Much love for the winning one.

    Congrats to all the winners :D
    BTW, how do I get my prize? Gameloft said they would get in touch with the winners shortly...20 hours ago...nothing from them yet...

    Congrats guys! Pretty fun comp :) I didnt enter as soon as I saw David's entry. Great entries all round!

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