Gamer Kid Threatened To Kill And Kill Again

After this 14-year-old boy's mobile phone gaming site membership was cancelled, he decided to get even: by threatening to murder people.

The boy belonged to popular mobile phone gaming site "Mobage Town", but lost his membership after making comments like "die" to a fellow player, reports, while playing "Kaitou Royal" (pictured).

Mobage-Town is incredibly popular in Japan with new titles like Shenmue Town bound for the social gaming service.

Between May and June, the junior high schooler sent the site's company emails over approximately 20 occasions. "I wanted my membership back at any cost so that I could play games on the site again," he told police. That includes making death threats.

"I really want to have my membership back," he apparently wrote in one email. "If I'm not allowed to, I will kill five people by the day after tomorrow."

The minor is accused with forcible obstruction of a business.

Teenager reported to prosecutors over threats to online game operator [The Mainichi Daily News]


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