Gaming Moments of 2010 #4: Bayonetta

Gaming Moments of 2010 #4: Bayonetta

Gaming Moments of 2010 #4: BayonettaAll the big guns have come and gone. The best games are all now on shelves and we’ve just decided on our game of the year. Now we’re taking a look at our 10 favourite gaming moments of 2010. Be aware that these are just my subjective choices – feel free to let us know some of your favourites in the comments below.

Bayonetta’s Walk Personally, I’ve always felt that the way a video game protaganist moves – the animation and the feel of how they interact in their universe – is one of the most overlooked aspects of game design. When a game gets it wrong, it pains me to play – but when a game gets it right, simply manoeuvring through the game world becomes an endlessly rewarding, tactile experience.

Think about the basic act of ‘jumping’ in Mario, Ezio’s slow paced, arrogant gait in Assassin’s Creed 2, Niko’s hunched posture in GTA IV, or Marcus Fenix’s hefty, clumping footsteps in Gears of War. If it’s fun to simply walk around in an environment, think of the possibilities when the action really begins to ramp up.

In Bayonetta the action continually increases in scale – to ridiculous proportions – but it remains an incredible amount of fun because the foundations are solid. Your jaw gapes when Bayonetta break dances bullets at God, or summons hair-based demons to chomp on the entrails of ponderous angels – but the real magic happens when the pace slows down. When Bayonetta’s run slowly tapers into her walk. Her seductive, hypnotising walk. The greatest walk seen in any video game. Ever.

With one hand perched nonchalantly on her hip, and another dangling as her hips sway rhythmically through her step – world class supermodels wish they could walk like this – I wish everyone could walk like this. (Except for dudes. Because that would just be weird.) It’s the perfect embodiment of Bayonetta’s confidence, the perfect embodiment of the game’s atmosphere and how you feel when you play as Bayonetta. It’s the crowning jewel of what is probably the best new character design this year, possibly this generation.

Every single thing Bayonetta does – everything – springs from that walk. That sexy, delicious, confident, cool, rhythmic, hot, tasty, seductive, hypnotic walk. If I forget everything that ever happened in that insane video game, the last thing to go will be Bayonetta’s swagger.

If I was a woman, I would walk like Bayonetta.


    • Actually, i was the original motion capture for Bayonetta.
      A few weeks in i was canned because i was TOO sexy. Apperently they were worried about it receiving a world wide ban due to the levels of sexy that i produced.

      On a side note, the production team received exactly 235 complaints that my walk was causing all dogs within a 3km radius to howl until they passed out

  • I’ve had this since release, picked it up for $40 then. But still have yet to play it, maybe just like JamesMacusedmyhandle I might get to it at Christmas.

  • I LOVED this game…. while it lasted
    You see, I’m not into achievements or extra challenges. I loved the play through and story and everything while playing it once on Easy mode. Found absolute no incentive to replay it again on any other modes. The game play lasted me 10hrs max.

    Now, I once spent more time playing a flash rpg… I just wished Bayonetta had more game time to it.

    • Many attacks by the enemies are disabled in Easy mode or below, and a couple of enemy types don’t appear at all. Normal is a much better experience.

  • I picked this game up really cheap on import purely on impulse. I actually thought it would be pretty bad.

    Once I started playing however I got completely hooked … until the speed / difficulty got beyond my ability and I put it down again.

    I would definitely recommend a look though.

  • I picked this up cheap, a friend rants and raves about it and it’s his top game on the machine.

    I didn’t really get it though. I mean, I enjoyed it… but I was basically just mashing buttons the whole time, I don’t have a head for all the combos and stuff. Died a billion times too. Just not my thing I guess.

    But man, that walk… far too many times did I just stop running and wander about the place >_>

    I need a girlfriend.

    • I’m with Taco on this one. I just didn’t get it. I had fun, but what I was doing and why I was doing it was totally beyond my comprehension.

      There are some awesome portions of the game but most of the time I was t least a little confused about where I was going and what I was doing.

      Sexiest game character ever….the glasses made her even more sexy somehow.

  • Wait wait wait wait….

    *walks exactly like Bayonetta*

    MMMmmmmmhhhhmmmm. *considers fellating a lollipop*

    Ok, that was disturbing, even for me.

    Overall, I liked Bayonetta, it was stupid, crazy fun. Riding your motorcycle onto a rocket going into orbit while fighting angels and dodging jettisoned rocket parts? OHMYGOD SENSORY OVERLOAD!!

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