Gaming Moments Of 2010 #8: Game Dev Story

Gaming Moments Of 2010 #8: Game Dev Story

Gaming Moments Of 2010 #8: Game Dev StoryAll the big guns have come and gone. The best games are all now on shelves and we’ve just decided on our game of the year. Now we’re taking a look at our 10 favourite gaming moments of 2010. Be aware that these are just my subjective choices – feel free to let us know some of your favourites in the comments below.

Making Reviewers Cry In Game Dev Story Anyone who has ever ever played Game Dev Story can attest to its addictive qualities. I was getting ready for a wedding when I first decided to give it a bash – sat on the couch in my suit, waiting for my wife to get fixed up.

I was enjoying it – asked the missus if she wouldn’t mind driving so I could play on the way. Yep, she said. Sure, no problem.

My Game Company – Sweaty Sack – was going well, creating innovative Animal Puzzlers on the PC, investing in quality over speed. Slowly I started building my team, sparing no expense, getting the best people possible.

I looked up from my screen. Oh crap, time flies I guess – the wedding had already started. Not to worry, the bride wouldn’t arrive for another couple of minutes, I’ve still got time. I started playing again – which earned me a sharp elbow in the ribs courtesy of my wife. Ignored. I had better things to do – Sweaty Sack was about to release their best game yet…

Boom! I just cracked 5 million sales. My team lost their shit. A Ninja RPG on the Game Kid – beastly. Sweaty Sack had finally made it to the big time. Now to start hiring again – expand, grow. The only way is up baby!

I looked up again – my wife’s face was contorted in some bizarre expression of passive-aggressive rage – the wedding was over, the bride and groom were signing the registry and I had missed the entire thing. Whoops-a-daisy. Never mind. Time for the reception – all this game making had made me hungry…

… for more game development success.

Now I had the dough to really make a difference. I started pumping resources into my latest masterpiece – a Motion Golf game on the latest and greatest console. Massive install base – this thing was going to fly off the shelves. Stephen Jobson, my star performer, had put his all into this game. I had spent all my money on the new console license. It was all or nothing on this bad boy.

Then it was time for the all important reviews…

– Boom. Nine of out ten. Yes! – Shazam – another nine! – Kerblammo – an eight. Not quite so good, but I can handle it. – WOW. 10 out of 10. This game “made her cry”. My game made someone cry. I almost shed a tear myself.

I looked up – I had missed the speeches. My steak had gone cold. My wife was no longer sitting beside me – where the hell was she?

I looked onto the dance floor. Oh! There she is – over there dancing next to that really… hot… buff… groomsman.

Ah well, never mind. Another day another dollar. Let’s start making that sequel to the Ninja RPG…

I looked at me screen. Distraught.

My battery had gone dead.

Did any of you guys spend a ludicrous amount of time playing Game Dev Story? What were your favourite gaming moment of 2010?


  • Your poor wife. And you make her sound like the monster, what with all the Neighbours watching. 😛

    I know of this game, it looks good and I thought I was going to get it at one stage… but I never really made any effort to do so. Gonna have to check it out now.

  • I’ve been tempted to buy this game, but after reading that, you’ve actually talked me out of a sale. I already have more than enough electronic distractions that prevent me from concentrating on the things that I should be doing.

    Loving the countdown articles though!

  • Awesome article. This is the reason I do not currently own a handheld. I barely remember any time I spent outside as a kid, except for Link’s Awakening, Wario Land, and Donkey Kong on the original Game Boy!

  • As someone who has previously reviewed games for a living, Game Dev Story was massive.

    Having a game go to press and get slaughtered was not fun, and i thought back to the time i was responsible for doing the same thing.

    Let’s just say i didnt feel that good! 🙂

  • I just bought this last night. I played for… 4 hours straight or something? GOD its bad. Its like Civilization only you’re making video games!! No really, I didn’t even fire up WoW yesterday because of this game.

  • 6 hours straight when i finished early at school.
    On the bus, bit of game dev. wait what? im already at my home station? how did i!? waaa?!

  • Wow Mark. What a story!

    The way this just sucks you in to ‘just one more game’ or ‘what if I mix Romance and RPG?’ or ‘I hope I win Game of the Year this year!’ is unfathomable. My wife and I lost a weekend where she drained an entire 3GS battery cycle in one sitting, pumping out sequels.

    Then midweek at lunch I got a text from her saying she won the Grand Prize. I was shattered. She only got a 9 10 9 9. How could she get it when I had been pumping out nearly perfect 40s?!

    .. we haven’t played it for a while. But man, it was brilliant. 😀

  • I’m still smiling…

    Where do i start. My company was called FatShady Inc. I actuall reached year 20 and started all over again within the first couple of weeks. My second playthrough i am building up the skills of one of my team so i can develop a console then monopolise the market with that thing.

    My high score for playthough one was $233 Million. My best game was the fourth sequel to a dating came called ‘Sticky Dates’ that sold 26 million units.

    What did you giys do? Did you beat that.

    • The one thing I learnt on the road to building a console was how to get a Hardware Engineer. I’d tried all the different types of hiring available multiple times, fired some good staff to hire some of the kooky ones in the hope I could train them up, but to no avail. Then I discovered that if you get a single staffer to Level 5 for all of his career options, only then it became available.

      My current highest seller was the sequel to Game 54 (I was a bit lazy with names at that stage) that sold 30.4 million copies. That’s my most sales at $91mil. Couldn’t break that $100mil! What’s your secret?

      • Have any of you guys ever hired the ‘code monkey’? I’ve heard tell of this mythical creature but never came across him.

        • Nope, never found him. I hired the sheikh/king dude and Mister X, but never really got any use out of them. When they’re up against a couple of hackers who are pumping out insane figures and a lot of hot streaks, they just can’t compete.

        • Thanks to Mark mentioning this awhile back I bought it – and the rest of my life has existed only to pull me away from running Inactivision…

          I’ve seen the Code Monkey but not hired him – My best game so far has been Older Scrolls 3 – 44 million copies sold. $853 million in capital on Year 17 of my second playthrough.

          • Now I’ve had War Of Duty 2 sell 49.5million copies thanks to the December holiday boost.

            Our suburb was blacked out last night and it didn’t phase me whilst I still had battery power on my iphone…can’t…stop…playing…

        • I gained access to the code monkey after releasing my first console. He’s awesome- huge stats.
          I also have the robot dude, with the K on his chest, the bear, the emperor dude and the masked wrestler.
          My best selling game is a Dungeon RPG for the Sexbox called Blaaaaargh 11, it cost 9 million to make and has earned me $160 million with it’s review score of 38. Anyone made a perfect 40 game yet?

  • I’m on a roll making action games. “Battle Dwarves VIII: Fistbeard Rising” will be my magnum opus. Following that, “Battle Dwarves IX: Axefighter NEO” and “Battle Dwarves: Xross Blazing Heart.”

    After those, going to start on another series: Battle Trains. Trains with fucking CANNONS out the side. Think of Ship battles, but with TRAINS. Filled with hard-assed convicts with automatic rifles!

    “My god, the track is out! TURN LEFT!!”
    “We can’t, it’s a train!! AAAAUUUUGGGH!”
    *Points side-cannons downwards, using the blast to de-rail the train and shift it to the set of tracks next to it.*

    I really need to get my head examined.

  • Arrrgh!
    Thanks to that glowing review, I downloaded the ‘lite’ version. Played it to the end (2years) and have just purchased the full game.

    I haven’t done any work since 10am.


  • I asked this in the ‘Ask Me Stuff’ but don’t think I got an answer. Is there any hope for this to come to PC for the iphone-less crowd?

    • I think originally it was a PC game released some time ago and ported to iphone. I did see info on google that Game Dev Story 2 is in the process of being ported as well – must exist somewhere…

        • Yeah the original is in Japanese and as far as I can tell there are no current translation projects for it. There is also a facebook knock off but it isn’t very good. I might have to try some other similar games, but so far all I’ve found is Gamebiz, though it looks very complex

  • I must admit, I played this non stop for about 3 days. Then just a little for the next couple of days. And then not at all since then. I was so tempted to write on iTunes that it’s the best game available for the iPhone, but I waited until I had played it a bit more…. I’ve gone back to PvZ 🙂

  • I started playing, and Wenchtec is coming along nicely, with its slew of Ninja Action Games, Game Dev Simulation games, and of course, the occasional fantasy RPG or Junior High simulation game, but then I got Golden Sun. It’s on Hiatus for a bit <_<

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