Get A New Angry Birds Level Every Day Until Christmas

Angry Birds Halloween has morphed to a new holidays-themed offering - Angry Birds Seasons - whose latest pack unlocks a new level every day until Christmas, Advent-calendar style.

Seasons, which includes the original Angry Birds Halloween and its 45 levels, is still a buck for the iPhone and free (but ad-supported) on the Android. The latest pack, "Seasons Greedings" gives you a new level each day until Christmas. There are indications this will be the new season/holiday vehicle for Rovio's franchise, so expect more extensions as the calendar turns.

The iPhone version is still $US0.99, The iPad version is $US1.99. See them at this link (opens in iTunes)


    Man, why don't they do this for Angry Birds on my Palm Pixi?? Booo.

    It's super frustrating to have to wait to get a new level.. and they keep changing the hours before the new level unlocks. 6 hours turns into 17 hours and that's not fun for anyone!
    I think there's a good chance this new season update has nothing to do with an Advent Calendar and they have just made it look like that because they weren't ready to release it all in one go.

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