Get Your Fill Of Shogun 2: Total War

Sega and the Creative Assembly's sharp-looking Shogun 2: Total War - or Total War: Shogun 2, depending on who you ask - will get a limited edition release next year, but today it gets a beefy video preview of deep tactical gameplay.

When you're done watching 16 minutes' worth of Shogun 2 gameplay, you might want to put in your pre-order for the limited edition version of the turn-based PC strategy game, which forgoes physical bonus goodies for digital ones.

The limited edition version of the next Total War game includes "a unique playable faction, the Hattori Clan, an additional historical battle scenario ‘Nagashino' and a complete set of armour for your online avatar as well as a starting bank of XP for you to spend on your online character".

Shogun 2: Total War arrives on March 15.


    Hope the wall-huge for units is improved, the Empire wall-huge was buggy as.

      what the hattori is a 'wall-huge'?

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