Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime Trades Character For Action

Atari has released the first trailer and new screens for Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime,the downloadable follow-up to last year's Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Can four nameless rookies bust ghosts as well as the originals?

Developed by behaviour Studios for Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, and PC, Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime pits up to four players against a new series of haunted environments, taking out ghosts both on foot and out the windows of a speeding Ecto-1. It doesn't look half bad for a downloadable title, but fast-paced action doesn't seem like much of a substitute for the banter between Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson. It was the interaction of these four that made the movies for me, and kept me from tossing last year's offering out the window.

Without them I fear all is lost. We'll find out if my fears are unfounded early next year.


    That just looks so painfully generic...

    The problem with Ghostbusters as I see it is that it requires no skill. You hold down your beam, it autoconnects with the target, it dies.

      So the undead (ghosts) die?

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