Goodbye Gal☆Gun Panties!?

Goodbye Gal☆Gun Panties!?

Looks that way. Creepy cute Japanese shooter Gal☆Gun used to be wall-to-wall underpants. Now it’s just wall-to-wall wtf.

Seventy-nine days before the game’s release in Japan, Microsoft called a meeting with Gal☆Gun developer Alchemist. On the game’s official site, the developer declared a “state of emergency” and suspended the game’s countdown clock. Microsoft, it seems, is asking for some tweaks. In its official notice, Alchemist mentioned “underwear” in parenthesis.

As Kotaku mentioned during the Tokyo Game Show, the game is an on-rails first person shooter that pits players and their pheromone firing powers against dozens of female admirers who try to win your affection with love notes, submissive gestures and glistening doe eyed looks of love. Oh, there are upskirts. Well, there were upskirts.

The most recent Gal☆Gun footage shows blocked undies, indicating that the game was censored by Microsoft before release. While Xbox Japan is not specifically mentioned, an Alchemist tweet from November seems to hint that the company is perhaps now targeting families from now on. With Kinect, that might be the case. Then again, with Kinect floundering in Japan, Microsoft might want to do everything it can to please the Xbox 360 fans it does have. Beggers can’t be choosers. However, they can be perverts.

Gal☆Gun will be out next January in Japan.

マイクロソフトがキネクトでファミリー層狙うためにギャルゲー締め出しを図る!? [はちま起稿]


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