Gran Turismo 5 Gets A Damage Update (But There's A Catch)

Car damage, a feature that has confused many of the game's owners since Gran Turismo 5's release a couple of weeks ago, has just gotten a lot less confusing, courtesy of a 149MB update released overnight.

Once you've downloaded the update, car destruction options can be accessed from the game's main menu, users able to select from three varying degrees of damage.

So what's the catch? Oh, there's a catch. You can only access these options from your "lounge", not as part of the epic singleplayer "campaign" or the more immediate "arcade" mode. So many of you won't be noticing it in the game mode you spend the most time in!

Ah well. Maybe the next update - and we've been promised there are many more updates to come - will add it in singleplayer!

[via GTPlanet]


    I thought this game was delayed so much so they could finish it. Now we have had 3 updates totalling almost half a gig.

    i heard it was in the game from the start... but not until you hit lvl 20...

    either way... screw you polyphony digital!

      the first time i played a racing game, many moons ago, the aim was to reach the finish line without hitting the walls or the other cars. iirc the car exploded if i did happen to touch anything else...

      now when i play a racing game, the aim is to reach the finish line without hitting the walls or the other cars.

      I cant see how it is a problem that damage is not unlocked before level 20...most races at those levels do not require stupidly quick cars... so you shouldnt be hitting the walls or other cars...
      unless you are bad...

      oh and it's only visual damage at level 20, mech damage is unlocked at level 40.

      to anyone with a brain it is obvious that sony are 'toying' with the Jailbreak/groove crew, issuing constant firmware updates and also making many of gt5 features have to be unlocked online must be stupidly frustrating and a very smart move by sony.

      anyone who prefers gt4 over gt5 has not played gt5.

      failbot comments make baby jesus cry

    Now I am a gt fan at heart, but I have to say... I prefer gt4 so far. Have to admit, feel kind of a little disappointed at some of the things in gt5.

      I have to agree, 5 years for this? Really?

    Well this has turned me off buying GT5 anytime soon.

    Carmageddon 2 still has the best car destruction I've seen in a game and that was in 1998. What the hell gives?

      +1! all we now need the new "Carmageddon 2 HD" on XBL or PSN

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