Gran Turismo 5 Trading In Crummy Cars For Premium Models

In driving simulator Gran Turismo 5, there are over 1000 cars. However, only around 200 of them are premium. That, however, is going to change.

GT5 designer Kazunori Yamauchi tells Japanese game mag Famitsu that there are plans to increase the number of premium cars through future updates. Yamauchi did not specify how many cars will be updated, nor did he reveal when future updates will hit.

The premium cars not only offer players a cockpit view, but they also feature more detailed modelling as well as working windshield wipers.

In other GT5 news, Sony Computer Entertainment today revealed that it is giving away three "Chrome Line" cars to Japanese gamers: a Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640, a BMW M3 coupe and a Jaguar XJ13 race car. The Chrome Line cars were originally DLC in special editions of GT5.

These cars will be available free of charge for download between December 24 and January 31, 2011 via the PlayStation Store.


    When they say increase the number of premium cars, are they talking about upgrading existing standard cars to premium, or just adding in whole new premium cars?

    Personally I reckon there are probably enough cars in there already - better to improve some of the standard ones rather than just add even more that I'll never get around to driving.

      I think he's talking about upgrading existing standard cars to premium through patches. Which is awesome.

      As long as said patched cars aren't referenced from scale model cars, then it'll be good.

      Still, it's rather ridiculous that ~5 years of production could only conjure up 200 premium cars. Would've expected at least double that. :/

        They should've been able to make all cars "premium".

    they should try working on the gameplay first.

    So they are just putting the content that they ran out of time to make in the gameand calling it a bonus.

      I can't see where that "bonus" reference is... they haven't called it that.

      Until the details are completely known, hopefully if these are upgrades of existing cars then they will be free...

      However, I don't understand the hate for Polyphony supporting the game after release, three updates already have provided a bunch of new options and stability to the online side of things.

      They've said they are willing to provide updates to the game as often as they can and as we all know we won't see a GT6 within the next two years, I can see them still supporting GT5 with updates after this time. Alot of developers don't go to that level of support for their games.

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