Gran Turismo 5's Balloon Crashes And Robot Drivers

Is this Gran Turismo 5, or a collision between car-shaped Thanksgiving Day Parade floats?

It's the former, of course. Makes you wonder what the priority board looks like at Polyphony Digital, where George Clooney can make it in just fine but car crashes - a somewhat essential part of car racing - end up looking like this.

GT5's crash-related woes are not just related to the flipping, either. The AI leading up to crashes is a little wonky, too.

Now, this isn't to say that Gran Turismo 5 is somehow fundamentally broken. Or that it's a bad game. Or that Forza 3 is a better game. These are just two of the best videos out there showing the key difference between the two series everybody else seems hell-bent on comparing.

And that difference is, Gran Turismo 5 is all about the driving, while Forza is all about the racing.


    I can vouch for Forza 3's AI, i've tried to hit on coming cars many times... maybe too many times

    While I'm loving every minute of GT5 so far, I do find it odd that some of these issues are still in there. Especially when you consider the size and quality of Sony's internal development resources.

    One thing I've noticed is that you often hear about Sony's internal teams (Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Santa Monica, etc) helping each other out, but I never heard anything about Polyphony working with any of the other internal studios. It's possibly a language barrier issue, or perhaps Polyphone just work in a bubble without talking to anybody else. You'd think Sony would have / could have got them together on some level to help iron out some of these issues.

      "or perhaps Polyphone just work in a bubble without talking to anybody else. "

      I think that pretty much hits the nail on the head. You can tell as much with the evolution of the series- the bits that work well keep getting improved, but they don't seem to have ever bothered stepping back and seen how other people do it to see what can be done better.

      Frankly that can only work so long before a game ends up looking like such an inbred freak that people avoid the series like a plague (cough medal of honor series cough).

    Must follow the driving line...

    ""...but car crashes – a somewhat essential part of car racing...""

    Luke, I think you are doing it wrong.

    Besides, it is unrealistic driving off after ANY car crash over 80km/h. Weather or not the multiple overturns looks super realistic or not is a minor point.

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