Guillermo Del Toro's Wants To Make You Shit Your Pants With 'Insane'

Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro has officially named the game he's making with Saints Row and Red Faction developers Volition Inc. Del Toro's horror game is Insane and it's coming in 2013. See it teased now.


    i love the imagery in all del toro's films and his imagination lends itself well to this style of game (hand eye thing from pans labrynth anyone) so color me optimistic on this one

    I'm super excited for this, but I hate teasers like that. I don't really know anything more about the game having watched it.

      +1. Makes you want to look out for more information though doesn't it? Guess it was a successful teaser then..

        Actually, no. At least, not any more than I did prior to seeing the teaser, and perhaps even a little less. A teaser like this tells me that there's probably little if any real information available because, if that weren't the case, they'd have released something at least slightly more substantial as a teaser.

        "Guillermo del Toro is making a game" is all the tease I need, so something like this video is just a distraction. Which I suppose means that, had I not already known that fact, this teaser would have been pretty exciting.

    i SWEAR TO GOD i heard what sounded like the noise people make when you throw mines on people in timesplitters 2...

    unless thats a common sound (like a wilheim scream or something)

    Gloomy tentacles + Creepy music + Guillermo Del Toro + Video game = Hell yes.

    Could have just had an article without the pointless short. Guess we'll be waiting until 2013 to find out.


    2013? Sweet Jesus... why so long? Are they planning on making it for the next gen consoles or something?

    Oh well, it'll be worth keeping an eye on. I'm a huge fan of del Toro's movies (bring on At The Mountains of Madness!), but whether that will translate into a worthwhile game remains to be seen.

      I think At the Mountains of Madness is the reason Insane is going to take so long. Insane already seems to have a Lovecraftian vibe, and last I heard AtMoM was penciled in for a 2013 release. Put the two together and marketers can have a field day.

    Anyone else think it looked like another Saw game... what with the nail in the eye thing?

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