Halo, A Backstreet Boy, A Naked Woman, And A Madman

Artist Tyler Shields brings together the Backstreet Boys' Aj McClean, Madmen's Michael Gladis, an attractive naked woman, and Halo in a twisted tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and murder. Check out Shield's website for some NSFW stills from the shoot.

Gameface is a visual celebration of the people who make, play and love video games.


    Isn't he a little short to be a Spartan?

    Whattheheck did I just see? lol. I had my sound off

    That whole thing was just one big "wtf"

    I feel kinda awkward now...

    What the hell did I just watch.

    I almost expected Master Chief to smash a snowglobe which reveals... "Mr Plow" at the end. What the hell.

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