Halo Wars Stat Tracking Not Going Down After All

Halo Wars Stat Tracking Not Going Down After All

Maybe we’re being cynical about all this but, after initially announcing that it was going to turn the Halo Wars community site and stat tracking offline, 343 Industries has done a turn around, claiming that the “reaction and passion from Halo Wars fans” has caused them to continue both services.

The timing just seems a little too perfect. With only one week to go before they shut down online services, now 343 Industries announce that they’ll be continuing to support the game? Seems like a bit of a ploy to get a languishing community back into Halo Wars or, at the very least, a clever way to test the strength and voice of its online community.

Did they really have to leave it so late? It’s got us wondering if 343 Industries had ever planned to stop supporting the game…

Halo Wars Stat Tracking to Continue After All [1up]


  • I quite enjoyed Halo Wars and never really got into the multiplayer side of things – I was aiming to rectify that while on holidays these next couple of months, but lost a lot of interest when I heard they were planning to shut things down.

    So, irrespective of their intentions, I’m very happy with this outcome.

  • I agree. Sounds ehhhhhh…
    But it did work. They got to see how strong their HW community is, and also brought attention to a game that faded away from the spotlight rather quickly.

    I mean, because of sites like Kotaku reporting on the initial decision, some friends and I put it into the 360 just because we were reminded of the game.

    So whether or not 343 had ulterior motives, it still worked in their favour, in a way.

  • I revisited it in my quest to get all the Halo game achievements prior to Reach and after several hundred hours of multiplayer I found I really enjoyed it.

    Definitely the best RTS game on the Xbox by a good margin thanks largely to its controller specific controls. The multiplayer has a steep learning curve but when you get a couple of successful tactics in your bag it’s tons of fun.

  • I was looking into Halo Wars after playing reach and realising it’s the only Halo game I havent played.

    Lost interest after I heard about the online stuff being taken down, may look into purchasing now.

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