Harley Quinn Looks Crazy Good In DC Universe Online

Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel was an Arkham Asylum psychologist who thought she had a shot at curing Batman's insane nemesis The Joker. Obviously that didn't work out too well.

Harley Quinn is one of the more distinctive super villains to appear in Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online for several reasons. For one, she started life as a character created solely for the animated Batman cartoon, making the leap into comic book continuity later in life.

She's also one of the most cosplayed comic book females of all time. Seriously, look up Harley Quinn cosplay in Google. It's ridiculous.

Players will be able to fight against, alongside, and in some cases as Harley Quinn when DC Universe Online launches next month on the PlayStation 3 and PC.


    So much better than the awful look they gave her for Arkham Asylum.

      I'll see your "so much better" and raise you a "absolutely not"

        Cannot disagree enough with the Arkham Harley haters. She was flat out sexy. Absolutely brilliant depiction.

    The reason people love Harley Quinn is because she's creepy, cute, psycho and crazy about the Joker - making her very dangerous for Batman.
    I think the Arkham Asylum team tried to go for that 'sexy angle' crap that developers think gamers want to see for female characters.

      Actually Simon, to be brutally honest - I'm not complaining.
      (while I only speak for myself here I'm sure there are people who agree with me)

        I'd agree with that.

        Although, I think she looks better in the shots for Arkham City than anywhere else.

          I agree with James Mac (Surprise!!!)
          Between Heavy Rain,GOW,ICOHD and now this i think i might be picking up a PS3 in the post xmas sales...

          Totally true, I love her look in Arkham City. I like that here they are trying to go with her original costume but something looks wrong about it, her face looks all wrong, I can't explain it..

    I wish i had 4 hands, so I can give those taa-taas 4 thumbs down. Harley Quinn looks terrible.

    [Behave, Fang. ;-) -SB]

      Ahhhh hahahaha, what is that quote from??

    personally perfer Arkham Asylum Quinn, but still looks good, with it being tied to the more traditional Quinn. Though i have to say thats a big rack

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