Hell Yeah, This Lady Would Love To Be In The World Of Warcraft Movie

Of all the things she's done in her life - like starring in sitcoms, animated series and big Hollyood movies - there's nothing actor Mila Kunis would love more than to play a "kick-ass mage".

Kunis, who has scored gamer brownie points for her addiction to WoW then lost them with a starring role in the awful Max Payne movie, was speaking to MTV about Blizzard's massively-multiplayer hit when the topic of the franchise's movie came up.

"Hell yeah! I would do it, of all things," she squeals, when asked if she'd want to take part in the forever-in-development-hell project. "I don't know if I would want to be a big character in it, but I would totally want to run around as a little mage. Like a kick-ass mage. With pigtails? Mmmmm... Awesome!"

While on the subject, the Family Guy and Book of Eli star says she's managed to kick her well-publicised WoW addiction by taking a fairly drastic step.

"I'm off," she tells MTV. "I took it off the computer. I did. I didn't cancel my account, so I still have my little twinks running around, but I had to take it off."

"I feel like a drug addict talking about a drug!"

That's because you are a drug addict talking about a drug. Just because it's got Orcs and shit in it doesn't make it any less dangerous.

Mila Kunis Goes Cold Turkey On 'WoW,' Dreams Of Pigtailed Mage Role In Movie [MTV]


    Saw Book of Eli the other night and it was awesome. Can we get Denzel Washington a part in the Warcraft movie?

      Yeah same here, just saw book of eli, that girl seems to be in a lot of things lately, including max payne

      She was cool, but under utilised. She was much more likeable in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

    I love how "scored gamer brownie points for her addiction to WoW" links to this article.

    Would she make a better NightElf or Bloodelf.. thats the serious quest.

      Either works for me, just make sure there's a waterfall shower scene. ;)

    I <3 Mila :P

    Is she supposed to be playing Jaina Proudmoore or something, I personally don't think she would suit that persona but who am i to say it's only early days and i don't think it will put me off from watching it.

      It's not an official announcement, or even a casting rumour. It's just a starlet who loves WoW and states that she'd love to be a part of it. If every star who played WoW was going to be in the movie, it'll be overflowing with B-list celebs and closeted nerds.

    A Warcraft movie would be awesome if it was Tides of Darkness-esque. I might hit up Warcraft II again..

    If she got that role I would win the costume in a bidding war track her down kidnap her make her wear it then raep her as a sex slave for the rest of our lives, some sort of technology based warlocky curse that kills her when I die is acceptable aswell.

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