Holy Crap, Weta Built A Real Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun

WETA, the special effects team behind the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and District 9, have given Team Fortress 2 developers Valve a very special gift: a sentry gun. That works.

OK, so it doesn't shoot bullets, but it is life-size, does move, does track your motion and follows you, and does play authentic sound effects from the game.

It's now sitting in the entrance to Valve's headquarters. What's just as interesting, though, is why the gun is there; Valve say the gift was the result of a request, made "a few months ago we got a chance to visit Weta Workshop".

Why would Valve be flying down to New Zealand to visit Weta?


    Next make a portal one. Pretty please?

    Valve taking ma sentry!

    be awesome if it fired paintballs :P

    half life movie?? o.o

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