How Does Mass Effect 2 On PS3 Look?

Mass Effect 3 is landing on the PlayStation 3 a year after the 360 and PC versions. So does it look better? The short answer is "no". The long answer is "it's complicated".

The technical specialists at Digital Foundry have sat down with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game (now that there's a demo on the PS3) and found that while the PlayStation 3 version is using the same engine as the upcoming Mass Effect 3, that doesn't translate into a universally superior performance on Sony's console.

Why? Thank/blame the Unreal Engine 3, which the game was built on, which has always run better on Microsoft's console. While some things, like shadows and the game's resolution, look better on the PS3, other things - like normal-mapping, anti-aliasing and effects - are downgraded.

This inconsistency continues through to the game's performance. While the PS3 version is locked at 30 frames per second, meaning in busier scenes things run smoother than they do on Xbox 360, there is also a lot more "screen tearing" apparent.

If you don't own a PS3, this won't matter. Likewise, if you only own a PS3, again, this won't matter! The game is wonderful, and these are minor quibbles. But if you own both, and are such a big Mass Effect 2 fan that you were swayed by the prospect of a wholly superior version, you may want to hold off. Or wait until you can see it with your own eyes and determine if it's worth it.

(Or, yes, before anyone chimes in, get the PC version, which looks better than either console edition ever will)

For a full break-down of how the two versions differ, including some handy video comparisons, head over to Digital Foundry.

Mass Effect 2 Demo [Eurogamer]


    "Or, yes, before anyone chimes in, get the PC version, which looks better than either console edition ever will"

    Damn straight it better, my PC cost me $2500! The author is right this is an amazing game and the more people that experience it the better.

      And that is why I do not own a gaming PC.
      Not saying I wouldn't like one BTW...

        You can do quite well with a box that costs $1000 and if your CPU and RAM is good enough you can just fork out for a new video card that will play the latest and greatest for around $200-400.

        These days a fast PC are not as expensive as people make out.

        I recently built a PC (minus graphics card) for AU$600 for my cousins. If you want to play games just add 200 for a good video card and you're laughing.

        Also; I've saved hundreds on games via steam compared to console versions. :)

        I also have a 360 and PS3! I enjoy them all for different things, but I'll go with the PC version most of the time where given the choice.

          Oath, you can save so much money building your own PC, as long as you know, or know someone that can put it all together.

    the PS3 version seems to have a more dull colour to it but thats just me really

    The PS3 has a better controller(I own a 360)

      The PS3 controller has horrible slippery bumper triggers that make playing shooters a nightmare (I have two PS3's)

        you guys need to swap consoles ;D

    "Mass Effect 3 is landing on the PlayStation 3 a year after the 360 and PC versions."
    Pretty sure Mass Effect 3 isn't releasing on PS3 just yet. Might wanna fix that up.

    Of course if anyone has played Mass Effect and ME 2 on one console all ready they're going to be unlikely to switch consoles and lose their persistent save game.

    "if you own both, and are a big Mass Effect fan..."

    You probably already have it.

    Well this is hardly surprising. The Unreal Engine is exactly that on both platforms its the same engine. But the hardware sitting under it is different. The Unreal Engine is incapable of properly leveraging the hardware available to it between platforms, what surprises me most of all is why the hell is anyone even still using it, after all its bloody old.

      You are thinking of the original Unreal engine I assume. then Unreal 3 engine is the one currently in use isn't that old.

      Also, the engine has been worked on constantly by multiple developers to modify how the engine does stuff. And all those modifications flow back for other game makers to use. Its part of the licensing agreements.

        Yeah, a good example would be how dynamic and visceral the graphics are on Gears2 compared to gears1. And its all up to how skilled the designers and artists are, like comparing Bioshock to Too Human!

    I'm sorry, but these look exactly the same other than some slight differences in colour. How do these look different?

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