How Fast Was Level 85 Reached In Cataclysm?

World of Warcraft's Cataclysm expansion pack went live in North America at 3am Eastern time this morning, roughly two hours after European protection Paladin Forscience hit level 85.

European players got their hands on the Cataclysm expansion at 12.01am Central European Time, nine hours ahead of the official North American release time of 12.01am Pacific. Notorious power player Athene made good use of the head start, levelling his Paladin with the aid of friends in a ridiculously short amount of time. According to a YouTube recording of his guild's Ventrilo server, the feat was completed in approximately six hours.

The character page on the World of Warcraft Armory (as of this writing) shows Forscience hitting level 85 11 hours ago, which would be set the time approximately two to three hours before the expansion launched in North America.

How did he do it? I have no clue. I spent last week trying to level my mage from 72 to 80 in time for the expansion and only made it to 76. I consider myself lucky I didn't go down in level.

I did get my rogue to level 10 though. It's a Fahey's account first!


    He did it by tagging a whole ton of mobs and letting his guildies outside of group kill them. This is the same way he attempted to get world first level 80 but that time he was doing it inside an instance which Blizzard retroactively decided was abusing the system so they revoked his achievement. Since this was done in the outside world it was supposedly legit, however I think they still may have revoked his achievement this time as well...

      The problem when he did it in a dungeon, was he'd be in the 5 man group, leave, and before the game removed him from the dungeon, tag all the mobs and have the remaining 4 kill them, then reinvite him before he got kicked out. Dungeon mobs give a lot more exp than regular mobs.

    I'm not sure it's really fair to categorise it as an exploit if anyone in the game can do it. He had the smarts to pull it off and didn't mind neglecting bodily functions for 6 hours, so bully for him!

    I bet he's a hit with the ladies.

      I dunno if it's just cos it's late.. but i laughed so hard at this.

    He didn't get the achieve.

    They got it for him.

    I heard the pally dude also did like 35 dailies and handed them in as soon as cata was released. Also Heroic WOTLK dungeons are a quick way to lvl up.

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