How The Sounds Of Star Wars Were Made

Whether it's playing X-Wing or Tie Fighter, Super Star Wars or Jedi Knight, one of the defining experiences of the world's favourite fictional universe - including, you know, watching the movies - is defined by its sound effects.

So watching this clip is, quite literally, a blast, as it shows how some of Star Wars' most iconic sound effects were made. The sound of a blaster firing? That's a high tension wire being hit with a spanner. An AT-AT walker moving around? That's just some heavy machinery.

[via Gizmodo]


    Wow this is sooo cool, I hope the price isn't too high.

      US$36 on Amazon:

      Just follow the links!

    Woah! So cool that they make the sound of a blaster firing from a wire twang.

    This book would be incredible to own. For instance, I've always wondered how they made the seizmic charge sound, it's probably my favorite piece of sound design to come out of Star Wars, I just love the way it sucks up the entire sound, music and all, then releases it in a massive TWANG. Fantastic sound work, regardless of what you think of the prequels.


      But I think the charm comes from the story behind how the original, iconic sounds were made. This is before Skywalker Sound became a huge studio, and I love that resourceful, low budget process and it's ultimate results. I think that's where the prequels lost touch with the universe. Too sterile, too much money to play with.

    Ben Burt FTW! You can also make the blaster sound with a metal slinky and Mic.

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