I Would Play This Game Simply Because Of Its Name

This is Warsoup. Do I need to tell you anything more? It's a game called Warsoup! Oh, and it is a combination of real-time-strategy and first-person shooter. Development studio Moon Games suggests this could be StarCraft crossed with Halo.

The game appears to be coming out on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac and maybe a few browsers? Hard to say, but enjoy the clip.

Warsoup - First Introduction [YouTube, via Twitter]


    It reminds me of Natural Selection..
    a Half-Life mod that was awesome!

    Reminds me of BattleZone. Could build bases, miners and other ships, played from a 3rd/1st person PoV. Was great, could even do stuff like jump out of your ship, snipe the driver of another through the windscreen, then hijack their ship.

      Many a fun was had at many a lan

    it seem to me alot like an FPS version of DotA or LoL, etc. i wonder how many players per match and if their will be creeps similiar to the ones in DotA/Lol

    Is anyone else reminded of Timesplitters in the snow level?
    This idea isn't really all that new, but then again, neither are the FPS or RTS genres, and while it's not necessarily a bad thing, I hope they can throw some kind of twist on the genre.

    As for the video itself, it is really cool to see the devs showing off such early cuts. Seems like they're really catering to a gamer community, rather than being scared to show off anything other than perfectly framed, pre-rendered footage like so many other devs, so they don't scare off people who don't know what they're looking at.

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