Infinity Blade Update Tomorrow Lets You Buy Gold

We were prepared for tomorrow's free update to iPhone/iPad/iTouch hit Infinity Blade. New armour, new helmets, new level cap. And what's this? Cash for gold?

In addition to all of the expected updates including that raise of the level cap from 40 to 45, Epic Games said today in a press release that they will be:

"Purchase Gold! Due to popular demand, we have added the ability to buy extra Gold via in-app purchase!"

Paying to get ahead... that's the way of the modern game. Enjoy the free update tomorrow, Infinity Blade fans. The creators promise more free updates in 2011.

UPDATE: No sooner did we post this than an image of the free update's new Santa Claus-inspired Holiday Helm popped into our inbox. The helm is too festive not to share.


    Doesn't anyone else think that adding pay-to-be-overpowered features to a game that we have already paid for is not ok?

    It really ruins multiplayer for those who don't opt to pay the extra cash.

    Microtransactions will ruin this game. So far the gold buying is exactly as it is in WoW (except more acceptable apparently). It gives you a massive leg up in purchasing gear and because of this game's levelling system, gold also = XP.

    It's not hard to attain everything without buying gold right now. I'm just concerned in future patches they'll inflate the cost of gear to make it extremely unpleasant to grind for it legitimately, forcing you to pay real money for perks.

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