iPhone's "Modern Combat" Comes To PlayStation Move

Gameloft's Modern Combat series, which debuted on the iPhone last year, will move to Move in January with Modern Combat: Domination, a downloadable multiplayer shooter on the PS3.

As the name is highly derivative of current combat shooters that will go unmentioned, the structure of the game is as well, the difference is you'll be playing it with the PlayStation Move controllers (and, maybe, the Sharpshooter?) But all the shooter staples are here, map and weapon varieties, unlockables and ranking up. Gameloft said it "focused purely on the multiplayer experience," so I wouldn't expect a campaign. Loads more details on the PlayStation blog.

Modern Combat: Domination Producer Q&A, PlayStation Move Support Confirmed [PlayStation Blog]


    AWSOME game. but it is just a copy of Call of duty.

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    I dunno about anybody else but I think this is awesome. Finally another Move game and its a shooter!

    Gameloft's success with such obvious clones is due in no small part to the fact that they release said clones for platforms which will likely never see the real thing. It'll be interesting to see how willing people are to play a Call of Duty clone on a system on which they can actually play Call of Duty, albeit not with the Move just yet.

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