Is The Sequel To Prototype Still A Prototype?

That's what they're calling it, anyway. As promised, Prototype 2 arrives next year, and here is the game's debut trailer from the Spike Video Game Awards


    good news i really liked prototype sure it was just mindless action with a throw away plot but hey sometimes thats just what people feel like (how else do you think sylvester stallones the expendibles got green lit)

    Sweet. I played the Hell out of Prototype (even if it was just a reskinned and repurposed Hulk: Ultimate Destruction).

    I'll get this for sure.

    Is it just me or is the music in this trailer ripped straight from Inception?

    I'm both exited for this game and fearing it. I love the character Alex Mercer and I don't want to play a guy who's going to kill him. Sure I can play a guy who's hunting Alex but if I end up killing him I'm going to be very upset. It's like if God of War 4 came out and I had to kill Kratos or in Halo 4 I had to kill Master Chief. Here's hoping that Alex and this new guy end up teaming up to take on a bigger threat.

    As long as the final boss battle isn't quite so awful and frustrating as the first one...

    two people with prototype powers?

    me thinks that there will be multi-player now :)

    the fact that alex is out as the main char actually give's me hope for this game

    as it won't just be more of the same (though it still could be)

    The new guy seems really dull.

      To be fair Alex was quite dull as well. Still good fun though.

    EEE!!! :D

    New prototype! :D:D:D

    Very happy to hear about this, absolutely loved the first one

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